Elevate Your Learning Game with

Dr. Kumuda Gururao as your Consultant2U

  • Expertise: 4 decades in Learning, including eLearning strategist, digital marketing SME, learning analytics maestro, and fractional CLO.
  • Impact: Transform learning content, optimize ROI, empower leadership, and drive strategic alignment.
  • Services:
    • Elearning Strategist: Design high-impact content and assessments.
    • Learning Analytics Consultant: Use data to optimize programs and predict learner behavior.
    • Executive Elearning Coach: Empower leadership to champion learning initiatives.
    • On-demand Learning Architect: Craft personalized learning journeys.
    • Additional Services: Facilitation, design workshops, remote instructional design support.
  • Flexibility: Choose from 25+ hours per month, fully remote or hybrid mode.
  • Results: Proven track record with a Ph.D. in learning strategies and experience across academia and corporate sectors.

Unlock the true potential of your learning programs with Consultant2U’s proven expertise in

design, data, leadership and flexible solutions.